LOVE: Oysho

by whatilovedblog

Warning! The Oysho online shop is dangerously addictive. 

Sadly for me (but not so sad for the ol’ credit card) Oysho does not ship to Australia, however that just makes me more inclined to get in touch with my London-based buddies to arrange some package on-sending arrangement….hmmm…..

Firstly, everything in this store is so cute. You will want to float away on a cloud of moons and stars just looking at it.

I mean, the socks, oh golly, the socks! Bunnies and kitten and clouds and…I’m getting over excited just thinking about it.

They also have an adorable range of animal blankets that would make a hardened crim weep.

But my friends, is not all flounce and frivolity over at Oysho. They also have a good range of beachwear and delicate underwears at pretty reasonable prices.

You can check out the online store here.

In the meantime, I’m going to add Oysho to my list of online retailers that I want to deliver to Australia (COS, I’m looking at YOU…)

Images via Miss Moss

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