Harvest Textiles & Harvest Workroom

by whatilovedblog

Whilst trawling the internets as I usually do, I came across the amazing Harvest Textiles & Harvest Workroom via The Design Files.

Harvest was thought up by three likeminded crafty ladies – Lara, Jess and Emma – who began as a little studio running creative classes and workshops and offering a pop up space for local creatives, among other things.

As of July, the ladies have transformed their shopfront in Lygon Street East Brunswick into their very own dedicated retail space.

The Harvest Textiles side of the business sells an extensive range of products, from cushions to tote bags, bedlinen and kids clothes. Everything they sell is printed by hand, in the Harvest Workroom out the back of the shop! You can check out the wares on the online store.

I had to check it out. So I wandered down to Lygon Street one Saturday morning post breakfast, Mum, Dad and sister in tow, to check it out.

Harvest simply is AMAZING. So up my crafty alley.

Such a lovely space, and the ladies are so welcoming and friendly. Luckily for us, we happened to pop in whilst Hello Sandwich was in residence. Lara took us my sister and I through the Workroom and showed us to the HUGE screenprinting table used for the workshops.

Long story short, we were sold. My sister and I have both signed up for the 9 week intensive screen printing workshop, beginning in October.

October cannot come soon enough!!

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